Monday, November 17, 2008

New Updates at!

Hello Everyone! Just in case some of you might have missed it, has gone through some big updates. We have added several new sections to the website and have uploaded many new articles. The articles cover a wide range of topics ranging from food and diet to blood glucose testing. I hope you find all of the new articles informative, interesting, and helpful. Please see below for details regarding the update.

New Category Added: Diabetes News
The newly added Diabetes News section contains news updates related to diabetes. Read news about new scientific findings, medications, and research regarding diabetes.

New Category Added: Diabetic Lifestyle
The new Diabetic Lifestyle contains a wealth of information regarding managing diabetes through lifestyle choices. This new section contains many articles related to food, diet, and exercise. Learn how to adjust your lifestyle to better manage diabetes and improve your overall quality of life.

We have also added new subcategories related to the complications of diabetes. Find information regarding diabetes foot complications, foot care, neuropathy, and other diabetes complications.

Also, look for the new articles that are being uploaded to the website weekly!

Keep a lookout for more content and more updates from!


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